Raised by wolves, fed with gravel, I'm the result of the convergence of the galactic forces that created all matter. As a child I was dragged through every museum and cathedral in Western Europe and taken to symphonies and jazz clubs year round. As one of six brothers, I began school in England and then moved to a small town with a big university. I never went to art school: I have a degree in English from Haverford College in Philadelphia. For the last thirty years I have lived in a shop environment developing an industrial design and manufacturing business. Eleven years ago I distilled my vision into the brushing, polishing and grinding of an exotic alloy of stainless steel to create three dimensional objects from a two dimensional surface. An epiphany occurred which left the pursuit of production behind to be replaced by my true life's work. The vision is the thing. Make each piece start to finish, and each piece different.

Bruce R. MacDonald